Well hello there!

I’ve been having a seriously shite month and have been a bit slack with the garden/veggie trough updates the past few weeks so I thought I’d take a quickly couple of snaps just to show your the progress. The vegetable trough contents in particular are looking pretty darn awesome!

Below you can see how my onions, perpetual spinach and carrots are coming along AND…

*toots vegetable horn*

We pulled our first crop of radishes! They are flippin’ massive and are the freshest, most peppery radishes I’ve ever tasted. Completely gorgeous!

I still need to work out a way of keeping a running total so we can see the value of the veg tot up as it’s ready, but I estimate we pulled about 40p worth of these peppery pink beauties!

So that’s only another £83.99 to make back from my original calculations until we break even… I best get another row of radish on the go then!

radish, carrots, spinach and onionsAnd just because I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to flaunt a bit of flower at you for #HDYGG, this is from our brand new blueberry bush. We already have one but decided on a second so they can help each other pollinate (do I have that right?). I think we can all agree that it has some very sexy flowers ;-)

blueberry blossom

I’ll be back next week with a fuller update when life is hopefully a little less crap!

For now I’m off to hop about everyone else’s posts so I can cheer myself up with pretty flowers!

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