Happy Vegetable Trough Thursday people!

The vegetable trough we made a couple of weeks back (or “The Troff” as I am now referring to it) has had two full weeks to start growing its delicious vegetable wares and as I’m sure you can see from the above picture we are already seeing some fantastic growth! Actually we’ve had to thin the seedlings out a bit because things came up so quickly and densely!

Lettuce & Radish.jpg

As you can see we have a couple of lovely thick rows of Lettuce (left) and Radishes popping up! I’m really excited about the radishes – I love the sweet peppery flavour but they are something I always forget to buy when I want salad bits. We’re also beginning to see the other three veg pop up too which I’m so pleased about (I honestly thought we wouldn’t grow a thing – though I realise we have a long way to go yet!) They are (left to right) Carrots, Onion & Spinach. I’m most excited about the perpetual spinach – I would put it in every meal if the OH would let me (have you ever tried spinach mash? It’s a bloody revelation!).

carrot onion spinach seedling

“The Troff” isn’t home to our only veg though! Oh no… I’m growing and entire produce aisle in my garden.

At least that’s what it feels like having only grown cress once

twenty years ago

and it died


We’ve also got some lovely Chilli and pepper plants coming along a treat – they are currently living on the spare bedroom window sill which is South facing so keeps them lovely and hot! We’re growing 4 types of Chilli – Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeno, Red Cherry & Scotch Bonnet - we actually planted the seed for the scotch bonnet from a chilli we bought at the supermarket so I’m a little surprised it’s working so well (I’ve been informed that it can be a temperamental strain). The pepper we’re growing (the super healthy looking plant both left and right below) is our Frigatello Pepper which we just chucked in as we had a spare couple of pots but is going great guns!

chilli plants growing from seed

We have some fruit on the go too – our Blueberry Bush is doing it’s second year and is really flourishing at the moment (despite dodgy macro lens pictures). We’r going to buy a second shortly so they can help pollinate each other (that’s a thing, right?). We also have a lovely little Plum Tree which is budding too.

blueberry bush and plum tree  blossom

Lots of other bits are really starting to come to life now the suns coming out like our Butternut Squash, Aubergine & Olive Tree  which are all thriving with a bit of warmth – and our Bay Leaf cutting and Garlic pots which get bigger by the day!

I’m really enjoying watching all my seedlings spring up all over the place and seeing my vegetable trough come to life – I just don’t think I can wait so many months to eat it all!!

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