I’ve been total pants at blogging lately. To be honest I’ve been a bit of a miserable bitch, but I won’t bore you with the details.

So at the weekend I decided it was time for some cheering up.

As you may know from my Bentley Woodfair posts (here & here) I love a good fair! It doesn’t matter what it is; a woodfair, a food fair, any fair will do! But my all time favourite… is a CHRISTMAS FAIR.

Yup, that’s right. When I told you I was going to leave the Christmas posts for a bit, I lied! (Don’t get all stroppy with me; it’s a sickness. I’m sorry.)

So I toddled off with the boy, his brother and his brothers wife (potentially quicker to write sister-in-law?) and we headed over to Singleton for their annual Christmas Fair.

For those of you who don’t know, Singleton Christmas Fair is held at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, which is essentially a giant field where they have rebuilt (brick by brick) some of the oldest houses and building in the country. They literally rock up to a town and take it down very carefully and then move it here!

The resulting effect is amazing. It’s like you’re walking through the towns from Fable 2 (or a Dickens novel for those unfamiliar with one of the most beautiful video games ever made). It’s the perfect place for a Christmas fair. All of the stalls are tucked away in the old houses with real roaring fires and it feels completely magical! So I thought I’d share some images. They aren’t fantastic (the little houses are very dark and I may have got a tad over excited and forgot to take many piccies – woops!)

vintage birdcage christmas fairwooden christmas tree decorationscolourful ceramic christmas tree decorationsceramic christmas tree decorationswooden candle holdersfolk musicians christmas fairold mill at singleton weald and downland open air museuminside the old water mill at singleton weald and doanland open air museumold flour sacks singletonautumn leaves orange and yellowchristmas donkey singletonlanterns in trees christmas fair

As you can see I met a couple of lovely Christmas donkeys on the way out who were charming (and incredibly flirty, the cheeky devils).

As the sun was setting and the lantern in the trees lit up I was certainly feeling de-stressed at last (the hot ginger toddy probably helped as well).

Shame it only lasted till 9.05 Monday morning, eh!