I’ve been a bit crap with the blog lately. I’ve had some work and family life stuff going on  which has meant no spare time. Some is resolved and some isn’t but I am back with a vengeance and some renewed enthusiasm. I also have 2 1/2 weeks off over Christmas which is massively needed and will give me a chance to spend some time doing what *I* love for a change!

So what better way to get back to some “me” time than with a trip down memory lane.

When I saw the numerous people sharing pictures for #20YearsAgo in response to Mummy Barrow’s  tweet, I instantly wanted to have a rifle through my draws and get a bit nostalgic.

Well technically the first thing I did was giggle… lots.

But then I decided to get my pictures out.

I couldn’t find one of me exactly 20 years ago but age-wise I would be somewhere in-between these two.RockPap3r #20YearsAgoI sometimes forget how completely adorable my little brother was (before he got older and mouthier). The “in-between” of these photo’s is also when my brother found out he had Type 1 Diabetes – somewhere around his 4th birthday. That has a lot to do with the recent “life stuff”. I won’t go into it for his privacy’s sake but finding these photo’s was really lovely and reminds me that no matter what happens, my baby brother has always been my best friend and always will be!